Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School

Some of our more attentive readers have discerned in the persona of Evelyn B. Hall a multiplicity of voices. Evelyn is moderate or militant. Passionate, compassionate, progressive, aggressive, excessive. But also punctilious and detail-oriented, reserved and businesslike – almost, dare we say it -- “administrative” (with the voice, as one of you put it, of a “snarky administrator” (whatever that means).

Well, we’ve told you all along that Evelyn is a team. She contains multitudes, like Walt Whitman. Or like Santa and his helpers. But, we are all going in the same direction.

You too, dear reader, Evelyn is you. Or you wouldn’t be here.

Now that the Faculty Senate has valiantly taken up the cause of defending the faculty’s interests, resolving to poll perchance to shaft (no longer to sleep perchance to dream, as has been its wont), some of us on Team Evelyn will be hanging up our blogging shoes. And going back to D2L.

Those of you who know us, know that we’re all here if you need us. All of us. But the bell’s ringing, the book is past due, and the Evelyns remaining know exactly what to do.

If there are delays, please bear with us. Along with participating in shared governance, we have oversized classes to teach, and world-class research to perform.

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