Thursday, September 3, 2009

How This Site Works

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The "Welcome" post following this one (originally posted 8/21/09) provides general information about what this online forum is, and how it works.
After reading the "Welcome" post, you are invited to proceed to the various POSTS and COMMENTS sent in by readers.
Some of our older Postings (including the "Welcome" post) are periodically re-posted to keep them accessible on the monthly Blog Archive on the right side of this screen.
The members of the EBH team managing this site are diverse and decentralized. Please bear with us if your comment does not appear immediately, or not at all (see Rules below).
Due to the high volume of comments received, we occasionally remove earlier comments and redundant ones. We cannot post everything that comes in; the site would be too big, too long, too hard to navigate. If you would like to remove you own comment, here' how:

Removing Comments
Because this blog operates with a Google template, you can delete any comment that you left here provided that you made your comment while signed in to a Google Account at the time you left the comment. Simply go to the blog and find the page where the comment is listed. Next to the comment, you should see a trash can icon. Click the trash can and answer yes to the confirmation prompt. If you wish to remove a comment that you left from within a non-Google account, you may send us an e-mail (, identify your comment by the title of the post and the date and time of your comment, and ask that it be removed by an EBH administrator.

Blog Etiquette. Please do not “step over the line.”
There is a line between failure of leadership and professional misconduct; a line between bad judgment and professional impropriety; a line between overstepping authority and judiciable misconduct. Allegations of judiciable miscondunct will not be accepted on this website unless you back them up. If you are not prepared to back them up, please confine your comment to stating that it is your opinion that such-and-such impropriety or illegal action or actions may have been committed. ]


  1. EBH, please e-mail us at

    Thanks, and keep up the good fight!

  2. Last night I posted a comment in 2 parts that has not yet appeared. Is it that you didn't like the fact that I actually signed my full name - or that I said some things you disagreed with -- or that I actually brought some data to bear on a contentious issue. In any event, its hard to take your Blog seriously at this point.

    Lynn Nadel

  3. Perhaps Dr. Nadel will forgive us once we note that his comments had been published slightly earlier and remind him that we too have commitments that might take us away for a time from our favorite blog. We beg his pardon and ask our readers to understand that we are unable to monitor your in-put full time.

  4. I spoke to soon, and am pleased to retract my assertion that this Blog cannot be taken seriously. I m happy to be wrong about that, as I think it could serve a very useful purpose if those who post follow your 'rules' regarding facts and opinions. We need as many channels of communication as we can muster. I would also encourage more of the posters to use their full names. Practically of course this might be easier for already-tenured faculty.

    There comes a time when we have to stand up publicly for what we believe. Those of you who attended the Forum yesterday know that I am perfectly willing to call out anyone who I think has acted improperly, and have been doing so at least since the early days of our not at all lamented former President. Transparency and accountability work in all directions (which is why we let the press into the forum yesterday, knowing full well they'd get some of it wrong, which of course they did).

    Lynn Nadel